Sunday, June 29, 2008

Final Crisis #2 by Grant Morrison and J.G. Jones

Review by Chris Clow

The threats just got a whole lot bigger.

Final Crisis #2 is still an issue of build-up, but with that build-up comes a whole lot of interesting actions between many different characters of the DC Universe. We start with the introduction of a Japanese hero (at least I think he’s a hero) named Sonny Sumo. He’s a really big guy, and someone comes along that wants to fight him. Sumo tears out his heart and walks to the bathroom, where he’s met by Mister Miracle.

Why? I don’t know yet.

We get to see the Martian Manhunter’s burial on Mars, with Superman providing a tight but emotional eulogy. One part in particular I liked was at the end, when he said that he and his colleagues will “pray for a resurrection.”

So many times in comics, heroes are always extremely surprised when someone returns to life, even though it’s kind of a mainstay of superhero comics. I like that Superman at least acknowledged the possibility while still showing heartfelt sorrow for the loss of his friend.

Batman is suspicious of J’onn’s death and believes that the passing of both Orion and J’onn are somehow connected. The Guardians of the Universe dispatched an Alpha Lantern (Green Lantern internal affairs), Kraken, to follow up on the JLA’s investigation of Orion’s murder, and she disagrees with Batman’s assessment. John Stewart is investigating the crime scene where he is seemingly attacked by another Green Lantern. We then see a group of Alpha Lantern’s arresting Hal Jordan, thinking that he tried to kill Stewart.

Batman corners the Alpha Lantern about Jordan’s arrest, but is beaten down by the Lantern after she implies that she is, in fact, Darkseid’s prophet Granny Goodness. Batman is locked in a chamber and his head is injected with…something.

At the Daily Planet, Clark Kent sees Jimmy Olsen take a paper down to copy from Lois, but he thinks he just saw Jimmy in another room. We actually see that “Jimmy” is Clayface, and he blows up the newsroom of the Planet Just as he makes an escape. We see Superman, his Clark Kent suit in tatters around his red and blue uniform, screaming for his wife.

Meanwhile, in Central City, Wally West and Jay Garrick find Metron’s chair after a tip from Batman. A portal opens up, and, imploring them to run for their lives from the Black Racer…

…Barry Allen returns.

A lot has happened in this issue, and I apologize if my distillation seems a little incoherent. It really does make sense when you read the issues, but as far as the review goes, this issue surpassed the first. Morrison is telling a story on an absolutely epic scale, and is setting up for a very large encounter. The day that evil wins is supposed to come in issue #3…but there are still four more issues after that. I am also stoked beyond belief that apparently, the greatest Flash of them all has finally returned.

What’s next? I don’t have a clue! Morrison is a master at unpredictability, and like Batman R.I.P., I am desperately awaiting the next part of the story to see what happens to comics’ original universe.

Grade: B+ (Must Read)

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