Monday, June 2, 2008

Zorro by Matt Wagner and Francesco Francavilla

Review by Brian Morgans

Dynamite's Zorro written by Matt Wagner and drawn by Francesco Francavilla is working for me. The third issue has hit the stands and it is still delivering. Pretty much everyone knows who Zorro is and how he is unmatched with a rapier but this story arc is giving us the backstory for why and how he became the mysterious man we all have come to know.

I love the character development of Zorro. Wagner shows us the passion and emotion behind the mask that drives Zorro to fight for those who are oppressed. We see his childhood and can see his fire begin to burn bright as he witnesses the injustices inflicted upon those around him. This provides a purpose early in his life as he gains skills and knowledge from a variety of sources.

Normally I cannot stand a story that flips from one time frame to another with no apparent rhyme or reason. We see Zorro as a child and then we see the present day Zorro and then back again. This doesn't bother me at all as the back story sets up the present day events nicely. You may wonder how your hero knows what he knows or why he might care about his cause or purpose in life. Wagner answers those questions immediately by either priming the pump with a bit of back story and then shows us Zorro taking down some thugs or gives us the big "A-ha!" moment with a major panel after some present day action.

I am loving this comic plain and simple. The artwork is good and the story is outstanding. This was a pleasant surprise.

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Roman said...

I agree, and Y'know when Brian, Neill , Art, and me all like a book, it must be freakin' excellent!