Monday, June 2, 2008

G.I. Joe America's Elite WWIII

Review by Brian Morgans

G.I. Joe was the title that got me into comic books. Marvel was the first back in the 80's to release these stories about an elite military team taking on this dangerous world terrorist force. Most people know about G.I. Joe through the cartoons or perhaps through the toys. The cartoons were weak and the toys seemed to become more and more ridiculous as they were introduced to the market. Really, what military value does a bouncing pod with missiles and guns have? Leave it to the writers to give this POS a solid purpose. The writers were able to look at the situation both strategically and tactically to put together a smart, intriguing story that had me hooked. (Turns out bouncing pods are really hard for computers to target and pop out of no-where giving them the element of surprise.)

Fast forward to the present after a few G.I. Joe titles have been put out and wrapped up and here we are in the midst of World War III G.I. Joe style. Gone are the days where Cobra went toe to toe with the Joes. They are a smarter bunch now. No more wicker baskets with mechanical snakes that spew knock-out gas. No more surprise Cobra surrenders for no good reason. And no more giant forts shaped like a cobra.

The glory days have returned to this story line by Devil's Due Publishing. The strategical and tactical elements have returned pitting Cobra Commander against General Colton. I've enjoyed the ride as it has taken me back to the intelligent and intriguing stories that hooked me back as a child. This is like watching two great leaders maneuver and counter-maneuver with well thought out methods in military and political warfare.

While the main story is compelling, I have to admit some of the side stories which will impact the main story are somewhat predictable. Fortunately, it hasn't distracted from my reading enjoyment. I am hoping this all doesn't end suddenly out of the blue due to some neglected Cobra officer pushing the self destruct button. I'm not seeing this come to fruition thus far.

This is a title where you can come in on the story at issue #25. This is a fantastic cover which has each and every G.I. Joe on the cover along with a key on the inside telling you who's who. Data Files occupy the last few pages of each issue that provide additional detail to enrich your appreciation of the good guys and bad guys you just read about.

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